up next: “COMEBACK” written and directed by jane ryan | may 2019

Brilliant investigative journalist Simon Armitage has been jailed for a diamond theft he didn’t do. As the time for his release approaches, crooked cop (DI Bancroft) and his accomplice (gang leader and antiques dealer Juliet Thorn), who got away with the diamonds, plan to ensure that Armitage doesn’t try to prove his innocence once out of prison.

Their threats to him and his family leave Armitage in pieces. But they don’t deter his teenage son Jem and daughter Chrissie from fighting back – even though this puts all their lives in deadly danger.

In the terror that follows, each family member has to find courage and resourcefulness they never knew they had.


Simon Armitage, investigative journalist jailed, with his career in ruins
Jem, his 17/18 year old son
Chrissie, Armitage’s 16/17 year old daughter
Mum to Chrissie and Jem
DI Bancroft, partner-in-crime with
Juliet Thorn, antiques dealer and gang leader
Sarah Wilson, young journalist (an able teenager could take this role & could be male)
Guy Gisborne, newspaper editor (could be female role)
Detective Chief Inspector Hammond (could be female role)

Non-speaking or nearly so, could be doubled up from smaller speaking parts: Stan (gang member): Mrs Hanley (prison warder); prison guards/search party X 3; crowd around burning antiques shop.

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